Z, the adventures of Zorro


An adaptation based on the silent film of the 1920s, The mark of Zorro, by Fred Niblo, faithful to the original novel by Johnston McCulley. A Governor abuses his power and steals from the people, through a faithful army of clumsy soldiers, who do not hesitate to carry out his orders. But Zorro, hidden under a mask, marks the abusers with a Z and takes the Governor by the collar. There is also Mr. De la Vega, a character with a deranged and innocent appearance who is respected by the soldiers for his well-to-do appearance, far from suspecting who he really is. De la Vega celebrates Lolita, a brave and beautiful young woman, who at the same time is wooed by the evil Captain Ramón. But Lolita loves Zorro. In the end, the town, helped by Zorro, forces the Governor to abdicate and Lolita discovers that De la Vega and Zorro are the same person.


Director’s note:

The staging of Z has not been easy. The premise from which we started was to eliminate the castle for this show. We wanted the characters and puppeteers to play in front of the viewer. Sometimes unconsciousness makes us bold. As a result, we have given many setbacks to the presence of the puppets and their freedom in the space. By reducing the word to the essentials and using the music to outline the action and increase its dramatic sense, we have discovered, on the rebound, interesting nuances and details of the puppeteer and the action as well as the puppeteer and the characters All of this has served to give our personal contribution to the theme of the show, to the oppression and its forms.

Lluís Graells

Artistic card

Autor: Lluís Graells

Screenplay: Lluís Graells i Jordi Jubany

Direction: Lluís Graells

Music: Pep Boada

Actors, puppeteers: Eudald Ferré, Luca Ronga or Arnau Colom

Scenography and puppets: Eudald Ferré

Costumes: Teresa Baz

Sound and light: Màrius Güell

Recording studio: Gerard Mallorquí

Scene photo: Ilaria Costanzo, Maria José Gonzalez de la Lastra and El Parque de las Marionetas.

Videos: Carles Pitarch, José Coimbra, Tiago Guimaraes, Fu Quiang

Graphic illustration: Umberto Giovannini

Graphic design: Debonatinta Graphic Studio

Duration of the show: 50″

Audience Family and school

Available languages: Catalan, Spanish, Italian, English, French

This show can be performed on the street or in a theater.


6m wide x 5m long x 4m high, with black or neutral backgrounds and sides

Assembly time: 2 hours, 3 hours with lighting

Disassembly time: 1 hour

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