The Faun, the Dragon and the Demon


A traveling boilermaker sells at fairs with his assistant. To attract customers, he tells the adventures of various characters. He likes to chat and immediately the tales he tells end up in the magical and mysterious world. The stories have to do with strange adventures in which they say they have found themselves.
Like the adventures of Anna a girl who collects firewood in the forest and meets a Faun who is bored, a Demon who offers her help in exchange for his soul and a huge and greedy dragon who burns and ravages the region to steal all the money.
With courage, cleverness and the help of some traveling boilermakers, Anna will face up to all the obstacles that these strange characters present to her.

Artistic card

Author and Director: Lluís Graells

Actor / puppeteer: : Eudald Ferré

Musician / Actor: Adam Purtí

Puppets: Brina Babini

Scenography: Eudald Ferré

Design and manufacture of costumes:Paulette San Martín

Hairdresser: Montse Mestres

Sound / Light: Màrius Güell

Video: Videostudio and Carles Cubos Creative Studio

Graphic Design: Debonatinta graphic studio

Length of the show: 55’

Audience Family and school

Languages available: Catalan, Spanish

This show can be performed on the street or in a theater. With or without a stage.

6m wide x 5m long x 4m high

Assembly time:

2 hours, 3 hours with lighting

Disassembly time:

1 hour

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