Little Moby Dick


Whales, as small as they are, are big, very big, and hard to find on land. But there is a force capable of making them emerge from the seabed.
(Little) Moby Dick has fallen in love and embarked on a continental journey to find the person who left “the most beautiful love letter in the world” in a bottle. But how to find her…?
The whale does not imagine that, perhaps, what it longs for is closer than it thinks.
This is an interactive show.
The viewer will meet the whale, moisten it to keep it cool and, with its help, solve the puzzle of this unique love story! An actor will guide them in the adventure they will experience in 35 minutes.

Artistic card

Creation and Production: Eudald Ferré Company

Direction: Eudald Ferré

Text: Joan Rioné

Actors and Puppeteers: Eudald Ferré, Joan Rioné, Arnau Colom, Sergio Pons

Scenography and Puppet: Eudald Ferré, Arnau Colom

Stop motion: Paper Company

Music and sound spaces: Pep Boada

Costumes: Paulette San Martín

Eyes and Cachalote drawing: Magí Ferré

Sound and light design: Màrius Güell

Graphic Design: Debonatinta graphic studio

Video and Photography: Arian Botey (Videostudio), Carles Cubos, (La caseta del Cubos) Carlos Diaz (etc imagen)

Thanks to: Magí Ferré, Ramon Lòpez (Quagga wildlife art), Alfred Casas, Joan Reberté


Collaboration in residence:Cultura Valls Ajuntament de Valls

With the support of: Generalitat de Catalunya Departament de Cultura and l’Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals

Duration of the show: 35-minute passes / start of passes every hour / The total package of passes for the show is 4 to 5 passes.​​

Maximum number of spectators/gold: 40 to 45 per pass

Audience: Family and school. Recommended age, from 5 years

Languages available: Catalan, Spanish, French, English

This show can be located on the stage of a theater or diaphanous alternative spaces such as pavilions, churches, old industrial buildings… where there can be absolute darkness. The audience is standing in the same space where the performance is (around a whale)

6m wide x 9m long x 4m high at least

Assembly time:

5 hours

Disassembly time:

3 hours

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