Straight out from tales for Christmas


Christmas dynamisation

At Christmas, six characters, from the popular imaginary tales, come out of the fantastic world to visit us, and they will surprise us through the streets of our neighborhoods, towns and cities, accompanied by a guide/musician.

Cavalcade of the three Wise men

Six characters from the popular imagination of the stories come out of the fantastic world to visit us and accompany the cavalcade of the three Wise men in our neighborhoods, towns and cities.


How is it?

A series of six puppets inspired by folk tales and mythology.

To facilitate the viewer’s vision, the puppeteers carry them over their heads held by a kind of rucksack, the puppets are articulated at the waist, arms and head, their posture and position changes according to the personality of each moving character by the puppeteers.

A musician with an amplified accordion accompanies them by playing popular tunes.


The Characters:

They are defined in three blocks of the popular imagery.

The Enchanted Forest

-Faun- From Greco-Roman mythology. They are the kings of the woods Half goat and half human

-Water fairy- Mythological character present in many cultures, half woman and half fish, lives in the fresh water of ponds, lakes, rivers…

The classic stories

-The Nutcracker-The popular character of El soldadet. ). In this case inspired by Tchaikovsky’s classical ballet work

-The Ballerina- The popular character of the ballerina.

Fantastic trips to space

-The Astronaut- Character that could have come out of a novel by Jules Verne. It evokes fantastic and wonderful special trips.

-The Robot(fembot)- Out of any science fiction adventure, It evokes the fantastic and wonderful interstellar journeys.

-The (girl)Guide-

Human character, popular image of the fair, in this case also a musician, plays popular tunes with an accordion, accompanying these characters who have extraordinarily brought them out of the stories to visit us.

Artistic card

Author and director: Eudald Ferré

Puppeteers: Eudald Ferré, Arnau Colom ,Pep Boada, Laura Vidal, Magí Ferré, Asier Gilabert, Cèlia Castellano.

Musician: Mercè Morera or Núria Lozano

Puppet design: Eudald Ferré

Construction Puppets: Eudald Ferré, Arnau Colom

Costume Puppets: Paulette San Martin

Costume puppeteers: Teresa Baz, Pamen (Patapam dresses)

Photo/Video: Arian Botei (Videoestudi)

Graphic design: Debonatinta Graphic Studio

Duration of the show: 75′ and during the Cavalcada it adapts to the time of the parade.

Audience: Family

Available languages: no text

Traveling show

A large, safe space with toilets close to the starting point, to set up and leave the material during the performance

A person from the organization who guides where to pass during the route of the show

Duration of the show: 1:30 hours


Disassembly time: 1 hour

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