Eudald Ferré Company

Theater of puppets and masks

Born in Valls (Alt Camp) Catalonia in 2014
Eudald Ferré and other artists carry out the professional tasks of creation, production, construction and staging of their shows.
Their shows are characterized by combining puppetry with acting, as well as live music.
It is worth highlighting the work carried out by the Company in the use of the traditional Catalan puppet, treated as a theatrical form of necessary contemporaneity.

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The Company is a member of UNIMA, International Association of Puppeteers.

Eudald Ferré

Eudald Ferré

Higher degree in Dramatic Art. Specialization in interpretation of Puppets and Objects, School of Dramatic Art of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. Direction: Josep M. Carbonell, Alfred Casas and Joan Baixas

From 1986 to 2014 he was Founder and member of the Company of Shows Pa Sucat S.C.C.L.

In 2014 he created the Eudald Ferré’s Puppet and Mask Theater Company.

Since 2016,Teacher of puppetry and mask at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

Artistic director of the GUANT Valls International Puppet Theater Festival 2014-2024

The Atelier della Luna director together with Luca Ronga , International Project of theatrical creation courses. 2010-2021 2010-2021


Joan Rioné

Joan Rioné

Degree in Art History.

Director and actor of the Cia. Genovesa, theatrical narratives.

Director and editor of the publishing house Piscina, un petit oceàn –a tiny ocean- (with seventeen published books).

Professor at the Theater Room of the Rovira i Virgili University and the Espai Jove Kesse in Tarragona

As a writer, he has won several awards, most notably the 2015 Serra d’Or Infantil Critic Award.

Lluís Graells

Lluís Graells

Title of the Mime and Pantomime School (directed by Pawel Rouba), Theater Institute, 1989

Training with Jullie Goell, Roy Bosier, Don Jordan and Andrzej Leparski

Higher degree in Dramatic Art. Specialization in Direction and Dramaturgy, Higher School of Dramatic Art of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

Author of several works of physical theater and puppet theater

Actor and director in puppet companies, street theater and clowns

Since 1998 artistic director of the International Mime Festival and Gestual Theater of Reus

Professor of Commedia dell’Arte, gestural theater and improvisation at the Theater Institute,

He teaches courses at centers such as the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Académie Internationale des Arts du Spectacle (AIDAS, Versailles)

Arnau Colom

Arnau Colom

Higher degree in Dramatic Art. Higher degree in Dramatic Art. Gesture interpretation specialty, School of Dramatic Art of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

Erasmus at the puppet school in Praha.

Certificate in Barcelona Theater studies based on Lecoq’s pedagogy

Certificate in specific courses of gestural theater and acrobatics at the Timbal.

Director of the company Matito Titelles where Arnau recovers the scenery of the itinerant glove puppet companies.

Paulette San Martin

Joan Rioné

She finished his studies in Fashion Design in 2001 (Inacap -Santiago de Chile) to continue studying Engraving and stamping techniques at the “Llotja” School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona.

In 2006 she enters the IDEP school in Barcelona to study patronage for Performing Arts, and hat making with Nina Pawlosky.

She specializes in styling, costume design and pattern design for puppets.

She works at the Teatre del Liceo de Barcelona, the National Theater of Catalonia, and the Auditori de Catalunya.

She has designed and made costumes for various theatre, circus, opera, dance and TV series productions.

Pep Boada

Pep Boada

Degree in theater performance techniques, Barcelona Theater School

Higher degree in Dramatic Art. Specializing in interpretation of Puppets and Objects Higher School of Dramatic Art of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

Musician and composer

Since 2001 he has composed and recorded the music for various theater and puppet shows.

He has his own company, the B Puppet Theatre Company.

He works as an actor and puppeteer in various theater projects.

FOTO 7 Marius

Màrius Güell

FOTO 7 Adam

Adam Purtí

Superior degree in Dramatic Art, Specializing in interpretation, Higher School of Dramatic Art of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

Drums and cajon studies at the Gràcia Music School

Body percussion at the Escola Luthier de Dansa de Barcelona

Piano and solfège at the Àngels Soler Music School

FOTO 8 Luca Ronga

Luca Ronga

Puppeteer, actor, writer and director, he has worked in the theater since 1994.

Training at the Eugenio Ravo Body Mime School,

Graduated from the Atelier delle Figure in Cervia.

He works and deepens his research on traditional puppet theatre: from the Guarattelle (the tradition of the Neapolitan glove puppet), to the puppets of the Commedia dell’arte.

His shows are nationally and internationally recognized and he has participated in several festivals around the world.

Director together with Eudald Ferré of the Atelier della Luna, International Project of theater creation courses. 2010-2021 2010-2021