Straight out from tales


Six characters from the popular imagination of the stories, come out of their fantastic world to visit us accompanied by a guide/musician. We are surprised by the streets and squares of our neighborhoods, towns and cities.

What is it like?

A series of six puppets inspired by tales and folk mythology. To facilitate the viewer’s vision, their puppeteers carry them over their heads held by a kind of backpack, these puppets are articulated at the waist, arms and head , their posture and position changes according to the personality of each character moved by the puppeteers.

A musician with an amplified accordion accompanies them by playing popular tunes.

The Characters:

They are defined in three blocks of the popular imagery.

The Enchanted Forest

-Faun- From Greco-Roman mythology. They are the kings of the woods Half goat and half human

-Water fairy- Mythological character present in many cultures, half woman and half fish, lives in the fresh water of ponds, lakes, rivers…

The classic stories

-The Nutcracker-The popular character of EL soldadet (the tin soldier). ). In this case inspired by Tchaikovsky’s classical ballet work

-The Ballerina- The popular character of the ballerina.

Fantastic trips to space

-The Astronaut A character that could have come out of a Jules Verne novel. He evokes fantastic and wonderful special trips.

-The Robot(fembot)- Out of any science fiction adventure, It evokes the fantastic and wonderful interstellar journeys.

-The (girl)Guide-

Human character, popular image of the fair, in this case also a musician, interprets popular tunes accompanying this personage who has extraordinarily brought them out of the stories to visit us.

Artistic card

Author and director: Eudald Ferré

Puppeteers: Eudald Ferré, Arnau Colom, Pep Boada, Laura Vidal, Magí Ferré, Asier Gilabert, Cèlia Castellano

Musician: Mercè Morera or Núria Lozano

Puppet design: Eudald Ferré

Construction Puppets: Eudald Ferré, Arnau Colom

Costume Puppets: Paulette San Martin

Costume puppeteers: Teresa Baz, Pamen (Patapam dresses)

Photo/Video: Judit Sabaté, Aleix Costa and José Coimbra, Tiago Guimaraes, Fu Quiang

Graphic design: Debonatinta Graphic Studio

Audience: Family

Available languages: no text

Traveling show

A space near the starting point, large and guarded to set up and leave the material during the performance.

Duration of the show: 1:30 hours

A person from the organization who guides where to pass during the route of the show

Disassembly time: 1 hour

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