The Wonders of the Orient


A muslim troubadour, an expert romancer and a soldier who has just come back from Crusades. This soldier is a noble knight down at heel who is forced to do whatever it takes to survive. They have brought, from the East, the art of manipulating puppets or rather “to move wooden puppets as if they came to life” Furthermore a wild and introvert shepherd travells with them. This man has lost his herd and he plays the pipe in order to get food.

These three characters depict a picturesque company which go along streets and squares telling romances with the help of their puppet show and of an improvised castle.

These romances , at issue,are two adventures of a damsel and a knight: love, nobility, great deeds, fantastic monsters,….and a good sense of humour.

The romances:

A beautiful damsel is embroidering a tapestry. In the loneliness of the night an enemy captain suddenly and treacherously enters the fortress.

Our protagonist, a brave knight, begins his heroic deed facing the enemy captain and the damsel is set free as a result of his great cleverness.

But once again the lady is in danger ; a terrible dragon keeps her prisoner in a sinister cave under the castle.

Many have tried to defeat it unsuccessfully. The knight also tries it but after a fierce fight he is defeated by the dragon. However, the damsel beats the dragon saving the knight from a certain death.

A play with high doses of action, humour and tenderness.

Artistic card

Performers: Lluís Graells, Eudald Ferré, Pep Boada, Jordi Carré

Screenplay: Jordi Jubany

Music: Quim Carranza

Scenography, costumes and characterization: Eudald Ferré

Dressmaker: M. Teresa Baz

Direction: Lluís Graells

We are very grateful to the collaboration of the Bravium Theater in Reus

Duration: 50″
Audience: Familiar
Available languages: Catalan, Spanish, Italian, English, French

Assembly time: 2:30 hores

Disassembly time: 1 hour

This show can be performed on the street or in a theater. With or without a stage

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